Sunday, February 2, 2014

Catching Up

Obviously, I don't get overly stressed about blogging regularly.  I hadn't realized it has been nearly eight months since my last post.  Well, life takes on a life of its own. Sounds sort of Berra-esque, doesn't it?

I haven't felt up to par today, so I'm staying home.  It's just as well since we had freezing rain last night and it's still dreary and, I suppose, slick too. Anyway, I've been laying low and "Pinteresting" from the couch.  In doing so, I happened to run across a pin that I had posted to my "Card Making Inspiration" board quite a while back. I had seen this Penny Black “Joyful Noise” stamp on someone else's board from this site sometime before Christmas.  I loved it and ordered the stamp on line.

I admired her end result so much that I wanted to recreate it.  She had used Distress re-inkers, though, and I don’t own any of those.  However, I do have plenty of Copic markers, so I played around with them, testing the colors to match hers as closely as possible.  Here's a photo of my version. Sorry it's a little blurry (oops!).  Mom had admired the stamp even before I colored it in, so this card accompanied her Christmas gift.
For any of you card-crafters and/or scrapbookers who are interested, this is the “recipe” of the Copics I used:

Scarf and Socks:  C1 (Cool Gray), B0000 (Pale Celestine), B95 (Light Grayish Cobalt)
Hat and Knickers:  YG91 (Putty), W3 (Warm Gray No. 3), W5 (Warm Gray No. 5)
Hair:  E57 (Light Walnut)
Face and Hands:  E00 (Skin White), E53 (Raw Silk)
Coat and Dog:  E31 (Brick Beige), E33 (Sand), E35 (Chamois), Dog only E00 (Skin White)
Gloves and Shirt:  YG95 (Pale Olive) and YG97 (Spanish Olive)
Boots:  T1 (Toner Gray), C3 (Cool Gray No. 3), W5 (Warm Gray No. 5)
Drum Body, Patch on Hat, Dog’s Scarf:  RV34 (Dark Pink), R35 (Coral), and R56 (Currant)
Drum Rim:  Y21 (Buttercup Yellow), YR12 (Loquat), YR21 (Cream)
Drum Sticks:  E27 (Africano)
Drum Skin and Dog’s Fur Above Scarf:  C0 (Cool Gray No. 0)
Drum Strap:  B39 (Prussian Blue) Highlighted with  0 (Colorless Blender)
Ground: C3 (Cool Gray No. 3), C5 (CoolGray No. 5), BG93 (Green Gray)

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