Tuesday, August 9, 2011

An Antique Coal Bucket Has Me Perplexed

When my niece and nephew-in-law bought their house a few years ago (probably several now), there was an auction of the contents.  An older gentleman had been living there, and he either passed away or he had to move to assisted living.  In any event, the auctioneer was trying to sell a welder that my dad wanted to bid on, and nobody was getting the bidding started.  So, using the marketing tool "What if we throw this in ... and this ... and this," he was successful in getting the bids rolling. Dad ended up with the welder he wanted, and this antique coal bucket was one of the throw-ins.  He didn't want it and, long story short, I was in the right place at the right time. LUCKY ME!  So for all these years, I've had it waiting downstairs while I think about it.
Here's the deal: Purists have a rule about not ruining antiques by fixing them up. But I think I have an "out" with this one, because it looks to me like someone painted it silver some time ago. Since the paint is chipped and kind of dirty looking again, it's okay the way it is, but I'm thinking of painting it one of two colors: An Americana red (like the star in the other photo), or matte black.  By the way, the star isn't usually on the floor, but I needed to put it up against something contrasting so you can see the color of it better.  I have black furniture in my family room. I've been meaning to use the bucket as a magazine holder. To paint or not to paint. That is the question. Now I just need someone to follow my blog to give me some inspiration. Anyone? Anyone?

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