Monday, August 8, 2011

A Nice Day for a Visit in St. Louis

What an EXCELLENT day I had today! I took the day off from work to spend some time with Emily and Jon while they are in the area. We started out with breakfast (or brunch ... depending on what time you get out of bed) at "Uncle Bills" in StL. I live alone, and while I really don't mind eating alone, there's nothing quite like sharing a meal and good conversation with people you love...especially when the meal includes coffee. Other than meeting for breakfast, there was no agenda for the day, so we were able to take our time and relax. I really get a kick out of these two. At one point during breakfast while Emily was recounting a funny story she had heard at a seminar, Jon said, "Emily, talk slower and use fewer words." She happily ignored his "advice" and finished her story, with laughter threaded in between the words. What fun! I told Jon that since we have so little time together, we have to cram as many words as we can into the day. And that we did!! LOTS of gabbing and laughter and it was GREAT!!!! After breakfast we went to one of the malls and looked at cool stuff that was too expensive for any of us to buy. Jon did buy a paper, however, and he sat down to read it while Emily and I browsed and gabbed in Restoration Hardware. Then we headed over to Crate & Barrel where Jon sat down and read the paper while Emily and I browsed and gabbed. Did I say that already? He's a very patient "shopper!" Afterward, we headed downtown so they could check in at their hotel. We topped off our time together at Starbucks (where else?) and gabbed and laughed some more. Now I'm back home. It's quiet, and I'm loving the memory of a banner day while I enjoy a cookie from that cookie jar up there in the picture and ... what else ... that cup of coffee! Mmmm!


  1. I was really getting worried for Jon's sake when you mentioned he bought this paper, sat down to read the paper, but you had yet to mention coffee. Ahh, and finally there it was...Starbucks.
    This comment "Jon said, "Emily, talk slower and use fewer words." had me cracking up.

  2. They are such a cute couple. What a hoot! :)